Guilfoyle Ave

2 Guilfoyle Ave, Double Bay, NSW
100% pre-committed / Under construction

Character. Intelligence. Strength. Style. Our latest commercial project in Double Bay perfectly embodies the essence of the suburb in which it resides. Bronze fins present a strong verticality, with raised arch hoods over the north-facing windows to add a touch of individuality. Crowned by a rooftop terrace overlooking the jacarandas of Guilfoyle Park, she is the definition of beauty.


The site

Positioned directly across from Guilfoyle Park, the newly redeveloped site will have a total NLA of 1,186m², with 930m² of A-grade commercial space set across 3 levels and 1 level of ground-floor retail. Commercial tenants will benefit from over 310m² full-floor plates and streaming natural light from north-facing raised arch windows.


Brought to life by architects Lawton Hurley, with rooftop terrace by our long term partners Wyer & Co. The raised awning and enlarged windows take advantage of the north-facing orientation for abundant natural light, and improve the leafy outlook towards the jacarandas in Guilfoyle Park. The bronze fins maintain the verticality of the existing façade while staying in keeping with the revitalised neighbouring Pallas House. The curved hoods over the windows reference several arches in the locality and add a touch of individuality to this well-positioned commercial building.

North-facing windows overlook Guilfoyle Park

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For commercial leasing enquiries please call Matthew Barakat on 0447 944 100, or enter your details below and he will get in touch.

Guilfoyle Ave