by Sharon Woodley

The culture of caring

Information series

Information series

Barely a day goes by when I don’t find myself marvelling at the sheer beauty of the things we build here at Fortis. Yet, beyond all the intricate details and designs of our wonderful developments, one of the most satisfying things we’re building is our own team.

Having worked in HR for many years, creating the right space—both physically and philosophically—for a thriving team culture is one of the most significant investments any business can ever make. It unlocks so many benefits; for employees, for customers and of course, for the business itself. I’m very proud to say Fortis understands this. In many ways, it’s the rich caring culture here that underpins our continued growth and success. Long may it continue!

Making ‘impossible’ happen

Every business has its own way of doing things. But whatever the industry, product or service, there are often clues that identify workplaces where genuine value has been placed on fostering strong and healthy teams. One thing I’ve noticed, time and again, are workplaces that are able to constantly achieve what seems almost ‘impossible’. Not because they’re somehow superhuman, but rather because they share a deep sense of caring and an ingrained accountability to not let each other down. In the very best teams, when someone is struggling, others have little hesitation to drop what they’re doing and help.

Using Fortis as an example, we have an attitude we refer to as ‘sweep the sheds’, which I just love. When things are busy (which they often are!) it’s not about whose job it is, it’s about getting it done to the highest standard we possibly can. It’s a real all-for-one mentality, and it makes a huge difference to the day-to-day business. It also creates trust and relationships which extend far beyond the workplace. It’s a common sight to see our team enjoying lunch out on our terrace, or at a nearby venue or park. They want to spend time together. They have each other’s backs.

Recognising what matters

Caring about each another at an individual level is important. But we also spend a lot time making sure the Fortis team knows the business cares about them too. Like many employers, we offer a variety of employees benefits. Rather than simply dictate what these should be, we’ve focused on offering those things that are important to them. Wellbeing and social connection initiatives always rate highly, as does making the point of recognising those who contribute to the wider Fortis team.

Physical spaces

Given what we do, you may not be surprised to know we think deeply about the ways physical spaces impact the mood and wellbeing of the people who use them—whether it’s their home, their office or perhaps their favourite café or restaurant. This extends all the way to our own new Double Bay offices at Pallas House Sydney. A true labour of love, it was designed very intentionally to align closely with the philosophy that guides our residential developments—with fabulous amenities, thoughtful contemporary touches, high-spec end-of-trip facilities and an abundance of natural light. It was very important to us that our team gets to experience, first-hand, the amazing spaces we create and feel that same wonderful sense of belonging and community. After all, a tight-knit team is usually a successful one.

Success is best shared

Just finally, another thing you notice very quickly when you join Fortis, is the willingness of our Directors to share the company’s success with the whole team. It isn’t just their company, it’s our company. Their doors are always open too, so everyone in the team has access to them, as and when they need it. There’s no us and them. Just one highly motivated and appreciated team. It’s a huge benefit of working here. The result is a real sense of ownership and commitment that reaches every corner of the Fortis business—and reflects, quite directly, in the quality of what we do, and how we do it.

To discuss what career opportunities exist at Fortis now and in the future, please get in touch via our contact page, or call me directly on 0404 454 121.

Sharon Woodley
Head of Human Resources

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