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Melbourne-based Baker Bleu has been creating artisan sourdough bread and pastries since 2016. Having recently opened their first Sydney bakery at 2 Guilfoyle Avenue Double Bay, adjacent to Neil Perry’s Margaret, we sat down with founders, Mike and Mia Russell, to learn more about the Baker Bleu story—and why sharing ‘real bread’ amongst friends and family is one of life’s most enduring pleasures.

Q—How would you describe the underlying philosophy of Baker Bleu?

A—In today’s fast-paced world, Baker Bleu tries to bring back the joys of real bread using the ancient techniques of long-fermentation sourdough. We harness modern innovation in baking to create an ancient product with the least impact on our bakers and the environment. Since starting in 2016 we’ve grown to be part of a really strong community that includes farmers, producers, restaurants and cafés. Ingredients of the highest quality are paramount to us; we always have the utmost respect for the planet, producers and products we create. We make sourdough bread and pastries with patience and respect, for Australians to share and enjoy.

Q—This is your third Baker Bleu outpost and the first in Sydney. Can you tell us a little about why you chose Double Bay?

A—We are both originally from Sydney and last lived in the Eastern Suburbs, so that was the first drawcard, to reconnect. Secondly, when we first came to view the site whilst Neil Perry’s ‘Margaret’ was under construction, we instantly knew the location was outstanding. North-facing and opposite the park, it has all the key features of a retail bakery business.

Q—You’ve partnered with restaurateur Neil Perry here in Sydney. Can you tell us a bit about this exciting partnership?

A—Neil called us during Covid asking us if we were interested in opening a bakery in Sydney. It was quite an ambitious thought, especially for a young business like ours, but we really believed in the site and the offering Baker Bleu could bring. Neil is such a champion of ingredients and suppliers. Mike actually worked for Neil briefly, then a few years later Baker Bleu was also a bread supplier for Rockpool B&G in Melbourne, so we already had that connection too.

Q—There’s no shortage of great bakeries in Sydney right now. What do you think will be the key to your success?

A—We are so humbled to be baking in Sydney, amongst all the great offerings here. Our hope is to really add another dimension. We are one of the only bakeries in the Eastern Suburbs actually producing and baking fresh, on-site, not to mention sandwiches made in small batches all day long. We bake large quantities of bread and pastry, just 3km from the city.

Q—Lastly, can you tell us a little about the ‘Next Door’ concept, and what people can expect when this opens shortly?

A—‘Next Door’ is the perfect complement to Neil Perry’s Margaret. Nestled right alongside Baker Bleu, in the morning we hope to cater to Double Bay locals with Baker Bleu breakfast pastries and freshly-roasted coffee. Then in the evening, a drink and snack before dinner at Margaret.

Mike and Mia Russell started Baker Bleu in 2016 with a small bakery in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick. Three years later, Baker Bleu moved to larger premises in Caulfield North and today they continue to be a part of a strong and growing community of farmers, producers, restaurants and cafés across Melbourne —and, more recently, the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Guilfoyle Ave, Double Bay


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