Toorak Time Capsule
Celebrating a wonderful community

Toorak Time Capsule

Ode to the future


After many months of planning, last week saw our official Toorak Time Capsule launch event in Melbourne. Created to celebrate the rich history of the local Toorak community, the time capsule itself will be soon be sealed and buried underneath the foundations of our latest project, Ode, at 589 Toorak Road.

Thank you to everyone who shared their Toorak stories and memorabilia to be placed inside the time capsule and to Councillor Steve Stefanopoulos for speaking at the event (pictured above, alongside Avalon and Patrick from Fortis). The team at Fortis are extremely humbled by the response from the local community and sincerely look forward to bringing Ode to life in the coming months.

“Just a quick note of thanks to everyone involved for a fabulous evening. It brought the community together and, in particular, we left feeling enlightened with the new people we met and our exchange of wonderful Toorak stories.”

Susie Krizman, local resident and memorabilia contributor

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