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With a reputation built on outstanding client service for more than fifty years, Marshall White is one of Melbourne’s most celebrated real estate businesses. We’re delighted to say they’re also one of our longest-standing partners at Fortis, having collaborated on many of our highest-profile Victorian projects with the promise of more to come. We recently caught up with Director, Leonard Teplin, to discuss Marshall White’s sustained success and the secret to their relationship-first approach.

Q— Leonard, can you please tell us a little about Marshall White?

A— Marshall White began as a small Melbourne real estate business on Glenferrie Road back in the mid-1960s. While we’ve grown and changed a lot since then, we continue to be privately owned. We first became serious about building long-term relationships with Australia’s best developers back in 2012 when we created a division called Marshall White Projects. Starting with only three souls, we’ve since expanded to twenty men and women dedicated exclusively to selling apartments and townhouses off the plan. We’ve grown under the simple premise of ‘this is all we do’. Over time this allowed us to stand apart from the premium brand that continues to serve Marshall White residential so well. Today, Marshall White Projects enjoys a hard-earned reputation throughout the boutique development sector in Melbourne.

Q— Customers from our recently completed Glen Iris project, Balmoral, have consistently said their experience with Marshall White ‘exceeded expectations’. Why do you think that is?

A— Balmoral was the culmination of a lot of different partners – including ourselves – who’ve been involved in past and present Fortis projects such as 232 Wattletree and even the upcoming East Grove. We were all willing to learn from each other’s experiences and, as such, the benefits flowed from us all improving as a group. Beyond that, Marshall White is very experienced at collaborating with one of the most demanding sections of the off-the-plan market – namely the ‘empty nester’ or downsizer. Having a deep and genuine level of understanding is always really important.

Q— What’s the most important stage of a project?

A— The initial launch. It’s so true that you only get ‘one chance at a first impression’ and an off-the-plan property launch is no different. Product, price and collateral all have to accord with the target market from the very start of launch weekend. Getting it right from the beginning not only creates early sales, it also creates social proof and confidence for potential buyers who then believe ‘if it’s okay for them, then it’s okay for me’.

Q— Why do you think our two businesses have worked so well together over the past few years?

A— We share an understanding that the journey is not just for today, the next sale or even the next project. Our relationship is built on a mutual recognition that we’re all in this together to collectively create a legacy within the coveted locations we know, work and play in. It’s the passion and pride to drive past a completed building and think ‘we did that – we helped 10, 20 or 50+ people into their greatest asset, their own sanctuary or oasis.’

Q— What does success look like for you at the end of a project?

A— The buyer getting what they think they’re going to get. That sounds simple, but exceeding a buyer’s expectations is hard. Our role is to paint a picture that allows buyers to imagine their new home with unbridled clarity and confidence. Fortis enjoy a wonderful reputation because they want to match every buyer’s dream – we’re very pleased to be part of that vision.

Marshall White is a market leader in premium Melbourne real estate with a reputation spanning more than 50 years. Follow the links to learn more about their Fortis projects to date, including the upcoming East Grove at Glen Iris.

232 Wattletree, Malvern
Balmoral, Glen Iris
East Grove, Glen Iris

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