Painting your dream home

Wendy Mace

232 Wattletree


We recently stopped in for a chat to our lovely 232 Wattletree resident Wendy, a few months after settling into her new home, to ask a few questions on her off-the-plan experience with Fortis.

Q—Why did you choose to buy off-the-plan, compared to an existing property?

A—I’d bought off-the-plan before and it was a rewarding experience. Buying off-the-plan provided the opportunity to handpick exactly what I was looking for—a contemporary home with the opportunity to tailor it slightly plus the added incentive of stamp duty savings.

Q—What do you think 232 Wattletree has, that other property options you looked at didn’t?

A—The ground floor garden was a key criteria for me. With two small dogs and a passion for gardening, this property offered a well proportioned outdoor space, unlike other 2 bedroom apartments that mostly have balconies or small courtyards lacking light.

Q—What ultimately made you decide to purchase from Fortis?

A—Value equation vs. wishlist—location, property size, car parking spaces, owners corp fees, quality finishes, contemporary architecture, investment potential.

Q—How would you describe Fortis?

A—Friendly and cooperative. Confident and competent. Open to resolving issues and genuinely invested in customer satisfaction.

Q—Who would you recommend us to and why?

A—I’d recommend Fortis to anyone who may be interested in purchasing an apartment because they strive to deliver aspirational homes and remain invested beyond settlement.

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